Hello Family Members:

My apologies for this site being down. The website hosting company that I was dealing with transferred my site to a new server and missed one technical step. All tests on the site confirmed that my website coding was right. It had been operating since 2009 without a problem. The tests did indicate that the hosting company had made an error. Unfortunately, when dealing with large companies, they denied any problems and refused to look at the test since I was dealing with a third party application for the site.

Their arrogance forced me to do things which I had been putting off. My website application has had many updates since 2009, but the modification I made to the site prohibited me from taking advantages of them. I now have the most recent update for the application and am going through all aspects to make sure any modification I do make, will not be obliterated when new updates to the application are made. It is a painstaking process but a necessary one.

The other ramification of this exercise was to search for a new hosting company. I found one that has many websites similar to this one and has the experience and endorsement of my application provider. It also turned out to be less expensive and has fantastic customer support. Phoning my old website company was very frustrating and emailing them was a very slow process. Their turn around was 72 hours, whereas my new hosting provider is 20 minutes. You are viewing this link on my new hosting provider.

The new link will be much simpler as well. ourfamilyroots.ca There will be no need for the /family tag. You still will not be able to access site until all the information has been updated and linked. As I said, it is a painstaking process.

The main difficulty I am facing with the changes is the the loss of contact information. Like you, I was having problems accessing some areas of the previous site. With the help of my new hosting provider, I am hoping to retrieve this information, but I may not be able.

If you are still interested in using this site, please contact me at - bill@bferrer.com

Thank you for your patience.