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  Elstead Church, Surrey, England


Just as our Genealogy research is a 'work in progress', the same holds true for this new home of our Family Roots. This new site was an opportunity to take the sharing of our information to a new level.

Searching for new family members is an important part of any genealogy research. The more members we can bring together, the larger our tree will grow. In order to reach out to researchers, this new site will allow new individuals to review our research and discover if they are part of our tree.

As always, the most delicate information is restricted to family members who have been recognized and given 'log in' information.

If you are new to this site and believe that you are part of this growing family tree, please contact us.


The information on this website is only possible by the hard work of many family member historians. This is not a single persons research, but a collective exchange. Individuals who contribute to this website are recognized here - Acknowledgements

Interesting Points

  • 87,911 family members identified.
  • 50.01% are males
  • 49.99% are females
  • The earliest birth is Louis le Gros in 1081
  • 22,855 families represented
  • 8,087 unique Surnames are identified
  • 77 Family Members killed in World War 1 - See Debt of Honour WW1
  • Total number of Photos on site: 504
  • Total number of Documents on site: 179
  • Total number of Headstones on site: 81
  • Total number of Churches on site: 5
  • Total number of Census Records: 64

Remember - photos, documents and census records are great to share. Pictures of loved ones, their resting place and significant churches are all accepted.

Highlight Families

Here you will find the oldest family member for some of the key branches in our tree.

Many of these branches have been contributed by various family member historians.

















Click on the link and you will be taken to that family member's profile.

Send us a message if you would like to include an important family member in one of your branches. We will be happy to include them.

Important Things to Note

  • You are encouraged to add photos, documents, family stories, recordings, census records and many other items. By sharing our history, we can make this a central resource for all our family members.
  • There are some items which are not visible on most profiles but can be included in a person's profile. They include: Religion, blood type and any medical issues. Medical conditions might be diabetes, a cancer, an alergy or other family hereditary issue. Under 'Featured Articles you will find more information on hereditary and blood issues.
  • As always, please do not post living people to any other website you participate in.



Featured Articles

Anniversaries of the Day   -  Today is a special day for many family members. Find out who!

What's New   -  Find out about what changes have been made in recent days.

Debt of Honour - WW1   -  Our family has lost many loved ones to war. This page is dedicated to those who sacrificed their life for their country.

feature 3 Hereditary Issues   -  Every family has health issues that can be traced to parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, but are there hereditary issues that are common to all branches?

feature 4 Blood Relatives    -  Since we all are related in some way by blood, here is an interesting feature you can add to your family member's profile.


Contact Us

email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Highlight Family Photo

If you have an older family gathering photo you would like highlighted on the opening page, send it to photos@ourfamilyroots.ca